Monday, April 7, 2008

The Copy Curse of SEO

Search engine fanaticism has given birth to a new and unbearable phenomenon: keyword diarrhea.

This obsession with keyword-rich content loses sight of the most important entity in the equasion: the reader. A preferred position on a Google listing and high page rank become meaningless when faced with a repulsed reader who is horrified by your key-word rich, text-dense optimized web page.
Remember me? The reader? Give me just-enough, just-in-time, relevant information. I love pictures. I scan read, so make it easy: pie charts, bullet lists, tables, diagrams, captions, headers, short paragraphs and short pages.

Your strategy for optimization may stroke the search engine bots for a while, but you're losing me.... the person who has the credit card! Next time you plaster the word patterns all over your page, make it pretty for me. Make it pleasant. Make it easy. And make it fun.

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