Thursday, April 10, 2008

Challenging the Development and Hosting Paradigm

We've seen politicians do it masterfully: dodge the answer by challenging the underlying assumption in the question. In a world of accelerated growth rates and market domination of big fish that swallow small fish, the same holds true.

Search engine wars for example: Google widened the gap by giving stuff away for free. Social marketing: open source coding and user generated content. And the latest paradigm shift: websites are developed by web developers and hosted through self-managed hosting. No longer.

In an article today, Kevin Yank writes in his SitePoint Blog about the changing face of web hosting:

"Earlier this week, Google announced the preview release of Google App Engine, a service that lets you build and run web applications (in Python only for now) on Google’s own server infrastructure. This latest move continues a trend away from self-managed hosting and extends it by offering a fully managed application environment... "


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