Monday, March 31, 2008

Is Social Marketing Slowing Down?

A recent BBC news report discusses the decline in new subscribers to social networking sites Facebook and MySpace. Are users getting fed up with being "poked" or having "sheep thrown at them"? it asks.

It continues to comment:

Social usefulness
This could mean that social networking sites start to evolve, taking on new characteristics, and perform new roles.

After all the power of a social network lies in the sheer number of users accessing that site.
Rather than acting as a glorified friend finder, social networking could provide more practical help. The recent addition of a blood group application to Facebook that tracks down blood donors with specific blood types, ably demonstrates this.

Social network sites are starting to make more of their audiences"The idea of social networking on the socially useful sites is all around consumer to consumer content," says Mr Burmaster.
"So rather than a publisher providing information and content, it's all about consumer to consumer. They are providing information to each other.

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