Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Tehnology Perspectives

I read Rohit Bhargava's blog post this week with his perspective on the iPad - I thought he captured the main points quite well. Interested in internet marketing perspectives, leading edge thought and such... check out Rohit's Influential Marketing Blog.

Earlier the week I attended the local release of Deloitte's TMT (Technology, Media $ Telecommunications) 2010 Predictions - see the full document on their website - and while it confirmed a few trends it also shed light on a few others. (Important to note that Deloitte also admits to have slightly missed the mark in previous years!). So following from the Ipad posts - Deloitte predicts that eReaders like the Kindle and the iPad will claim its niche and revolutionize publication, adapting its distribution channels to micropayments like the 99c songs on iTunes.

  • Advertising continues to social and mobile at the cost of traditional channels.
"Online only makes up about 10% of global ad sales at $80 billion. That said, online sales will continue to steal share from traditional media in 2010 and disrupt the ad market, causing prices to fall. Although this shift will likely impact traditional media across the country, the good news is that it will become less expensive for Canadian companies to place ads in both traditional and online media."
  • Cloud computing continues to grow with computers getting "thinner" and the grunt work and storage happening on the Internet.
  • Growth in mobile and Internet use continues to challenge the ability to move the growing volume of data, creating opportunities for solution providers that can help to decongest mobile networks.
What I found interesting:
  • Users will start to determine which technologies make them most productive, providing headaches to procurement and support departments - however, this inevitable trend will not be stalled.
For other trends like Clean Technology, decreasing mobile costs with lower reliability and more, check out the pdf.
I took another look at my own list of tech predictions for 2010 and ... sigh... there is a lot we agree on.

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