Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPad - Creating Space on My Bookshelf

Steve Jobs unveiled the next Apple super child yesterday and questions that prevail range from "is this an oversized iPhone?" or "is it the next-bigger-thing?"

Now that we have become used to the iPhone wunderkind, the iPad does not wow to the same extent. However, like the iPod took over the music market, the iPad is certainly the key that unlocks the reign in the world of publishing. String in a visit to the iTunes store, the Apple App store and the iBook store and what more do you need for your week at the cottage? Books, music and games all in a neat lightweight device in the handbag or satchel. Of course, for family entertainment it quickly turns into a movie screen. This Apple sounds like a pretty green thing to me.

The call for App developers for the iPad is out - and we all know the device is only as good as the things we can do with it. So the gold rush is on once again for app supremacy.

If I were spending an hour on the train and bus to work every morning and night this is certainly a way site better than elbowing your neighbour with the daily paper and getting black fingerprints over everything. I like it and I like the price point but for now, my iPhone is still keeping me fascinated.

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