Sunday, September 27, 2009

Internet Marketing takes Team Work

If you're a business owner or manager that believes someone else can create your company web site or Internet marketing campaign without your direct involvement, read on...

A successful web project - whether it involves your web site or an Internet marketing campaign, requires your involvement as small business owner on some level. Discuss this up front before signing a contract. Typically this would include:

  • setting the objectives for the project,
  • providing the text in draft format, and
  • approving the structure, design and the final project before launching it.
The stronger and better the team work between you and your supplier, the more effective the end results will be.

Progress Meetings
When working with a web development or Internet marketing company on an ongoing basis (such as for ongoing search engine marketing or social marketing), schedule regular meetings to discuss progress and results. Whether you delegate responsibility for your Internet marketing to someone in your business or handle it yourself, as business owner the buck stops with you.

Password Control
Another important role business owners / managers play, is to ensure that you control all passwords that relate to your Internet marketing. Ensure that you have a copy of every username and password - from domain registration to hosting to statistics to social networking sites (such as Facebook) to electronic newsletter services. Control its secure storage and who has access to it. Do not open your business to risk by leaving password control uncontrolled.

Measurement, Analytics and Setting Objectives
The last responsibility is the responsibility for measurement. When starting a web marketing process, you have certain clear objectives in mind. Ensure that they are met by measuring.

Ask your web programmer to integrate Google Analytics (free) into every page of your site and review these statistics regularly.

Almost every online initiative has some form of statistical measurement built in - online advertising, e-news communication, web statistics to name a few. Developing and managing a measurement strategy will help you stay on top of your results.

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