Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finding the Right Web Contractor

Negotiate Upfront
When you build or extend your house, you're highly aware of the importance of finding the right contractor, negotiating the price to include all known costs upfront and getting a time line nailed down.

Ask for Referrals and Check References
A successful web project requires the same. Find a web developer by asking your colleagues and associates who they worked with and whether they'll refer their web development company or look for sites you like and ask the owners who developed their site and whether it was a good experience.
  • Know clearly what you want to achieve before you start the process.
  • Check client references upfront.
  • Get competitor quotes if you have never worked with this contractor before and getting as much as detail into your quote to make you feel comfortable that you know what is included and excluded.
  • Negotiate a written contract that includes who will work on your project, costs, a time line, what your and the supplier's responsibilities will be and what the payment schedule will be.
  • Do not pay in full until the work is completed as per contract.
  • However, be fair and if you change the scope of the project, be prepared to cover the cost implications.
Here is a suggested list of questions to ask a web developer before deciding to allocate the project.

A Case for a full-service Internet Marketing Company
An important point to remember is that a web designer and a web programmer or developer are separate roles requiring different skills - just like a builder and an architect. In most cases freelancers specialize in one or the other, but rarely equally in both.

If you would like to discuss an online strategy, you'll again need a different skill set and may be best served talking to a full service interactive marketing agency.

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