Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What are Canadians Doing Online?

Stats Canada published the following information on May 10 2010 with regard to how Canadians use the Internet at home.

Interesting that a popular use, Travel Planning, remained at the same level as two years prior, while the use for health & medical research; watching TV & Video online increased significantly as did contributing to social media activities (blogs etc.). Internet telephony increased - a trend worth watching.

The largest relative increase (2007 - 2009) in Internet usage was in Newfoundland and Labrador and New Brunswick respectively (both up by 15%).

Online activities of home Internet users
2007 2009

General browsing for fun or leisure7678
Obtain weather or road conditions7075
Research other matters (family history, parenting)7073
Search for medical or health related information5970
View news or sports6468
Electronic banking or bill payment6367
Travel information or making travel arrangements6666
Window shopping6065
Search for information about governments5157
Education, training or school work5050
Research community events4450
Order personal goods or services4550
Obtain or save music (free or paid downloads)4547
Use an instant messenger5045
Play games3942
Obtain or save software (free or paid downloads)3335
Job search3235
Listen to the radio over the Internet2832
Download or watch TV or a movie over the Internet2031
Research investments2527
Communicate with governments2627
Contribute content (blogs, photos, discussion groups)2027
Make telephone calls914
Sell goods or services (auction sites)913

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