Wednesday, May 5, 2010

7 Essential Social Media Instincts for Small Businesses

Small business owners see both the opportunity in social media and at the same time grapple with a successful strategy for using it. I found this useful article by Rohit Bhargava that captures solutions well.

Rohit says "being good with social media has very little to do with your technical ability." (big relief eh!) Essentially he makes these points - please read his full post for the entire picture...
  1. Be conversational
  2. Listen and respond
  3. Proactively comment and share
  4. Use questions in stead of statements
  5. Find groups and participate with those who share your passion
  6. Complement social media by meeting people - there is no substitute for knowing people in person
  7. Invoke good karma by genuinely helping, supporting and sharing with others
To this I would add: Find your topic and style and stick to it. This is a way to create followers that are loyal because they know what to expect from you - just like a good friend would.

I recommend Rohit's Influential Marketing blog for information about online marketing that is actually useful to business owners.

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