Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Twitter Can Do For You

There is often Much A-twitter About Nothing, as Shakespeare no doubt would have said today. But hard to dispute is that Twitter is being used to deliver results, and here are some suggestions how...

A business acquaintance of mine manages a hotel in a scenic travel destination that is somewhat off the beaten track. Every morning he searches Twitter, using a few key words that include the name of his region, his town, the nearest airport and ferry terminal. By responding to the tweets of travelers looking for travel information ("Heading to Gros Morne - any travel tips?") or a place to stay he builds goodwill, is a great tourism ambassador for his region and attracts business. How long does it take? Not more than an hour every morning during his peak tourism season, he says.

This blog post on Dosh Dosh has another 17 ways to use Twitter:
1. Personal Branding
2. Getting Feedback
3. Hire People
4. Direct Traffic to Websites
5. Read News
6. Make New Friends
7. Network for Benefits
8. Use it as a To Do List
9. Business Management
10. Notify Your Customers
11. Take Notes
12. Event Updates
13. Find Prospects
14. Provide Live Coverage
15. Time Management and Analysis
16. Set Up Meetings
17. Acquire Votes
18. This one is not included on their list but works for me:)! Shorten the time in the doctor's waiting room

For more information and ideas, head over the the Dosh Dosh blog. Would love to hear if you have any other ideas.

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