Sunday, June 1, 2008

The lame blog post

It is June 1 and today my May blog posts shrink themselves into a single link and provide me with an expectant blank canvas for June. Oh dear!

That brings me to the pivotal question: What makes a good blogger?

Blogger is now an accepted career or hobby label and I am starting to understand why. As I am packing for a 2 week European trip, I realize I fall in the category of lame bloggers.


A good blogger would have:
  • had two weeks' posts prepared and post-dated for release
  • found something relevant to blog about the state of Internet marketing in Europe
  • had mobile blogging down pat
  • a blogging buddy begging for the honour of substitute blogging during my absence.

My conclusion:
I am an aspiring-to-be-good blogger. But for very much the same reason that I don't get to the gym, this blog will likely remain untouched for two weeks: bad planning, lack of discipline and waning enthusiasm!

To all you stellar bloggers: Here is a toast to you!

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