Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Art of the Corporate Blog

Corporate blogs take on many shapes and play many roles like the executive blog (to staff or public-facing); the "how to" blog; sharing news; offering promotions; building the brand or acting as the entire corporate website.

In essence a corporate blog is an opportunity to connect with a reader community or customers and strengthen their relationship with the brand - PR at the click of a mouse.

A recent article by Likeable Media called Corporate Blogs Done Right, highlights these elements as keys to blogging success:

  1. Have multiple writers like Kodak to bring many different perspectives to your blog.
  2. Be true to your brand through the blog design, language and style and by reaching out to readers with useful tips and information like Southwest Airlines.
  3. Collate the helpful voices of a user community such as Wordpress does in its blog, thereby giving users a forum.
  4. Create a community by sharing not only information about products but also about a company's values and those things it holds dear like Wholefoods.
  5. Open the doors of your company to the world by showcasing your unique culture and employees at work like Zappos do in their "Family Blog".
Read the full article here.

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