Sunday, May 31, 2009

Social Killed the Video Star?

Susan Boyle ... She certainly put Britain's Got Talent on world the map. This unknown, unassuming Scottish spinster with her golden voice made history.

The YouTube video of her unexpected incredible rendition of "I have a Dream" became an overnight You Tube hit with the highest number of views in YouTube history. Hundred million in seven weeks and still climbing. It did not end there.

Search term "Susan Boyle" remained in the top 10 Twitter list during this time. Web pages, Facebook pages: A search for Susan Boyle on Google delivered 17.6 million results today.

Seven weeks ago few people had heard of her. This Saturday she took the second position in the Britain's Got Talent contest after being punted as hot favourite to win. No doubt, the incredible pressure got to her. Wouldn't it get you too?

Public frenzy to create online content resulted in over exposure that left a tiny little sour taste with the British viewer - just enough to tip the scale and leave her in the second position. It all started with a YouTube video.

But perhaps it did not kill it for Susan altogether. Every click still brings her incredible voice alive. Despite a second position, Susan Boyle's dream will live on. Thanks to YouTube, I am a fan.


Unknown said...

YT did not hurt her the media frenzy like shark attacks again and again with hurtful critics that today will still beat her up until she falls. Just disgraceful and shameful actions. And, the whole world watched.

@Digital_Daisy said...

True.You Tube started a process that went viral and the frantic viral activity fed traditional media which compounded the problem. Hats off to Susan!

Unknown said...

This phenomenal lady has squashed a good many of her critics by making a strong comeback on Britain's Got Talent Tour, although she missed a few, performances.

She will continue to be a strong topic to follow, as has shown with her recent scheduled interview for the July 22 Today Show.

Already, the wires are flooded with her teaser interview and the video once again is at high rates of viewers.

Susan Boyle seems to be like the ever ready energizer that can only be delayed but never stopped toward her future success. It continues as it should for she was and is meant to be a shining star on screen and in the theater. In my humble opinion.

I find her a phenomenon because she had the courage to hold on to her dream; and, she was brave enough to do something about it no matter how many years had passed.

I personally cannot get enough of her singing and on video events. I am captured by her personality and mesmerized by her performances.

Brenda Robert