Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Business and the Social Web

Social networks such as Facebook have become a way of life for millions of people on a personal social level.  It speaks to an inherent human need to be a part of something bigger, to network and to socialize.

But what if we could capitalize on this same need for our businesses?  There are many "fans" or stakeholders in each business:  clients, suppliers, staff, friends and more.  What if we could use the social network to create a community for our business and draw on the best ideas and suggestions of those people that have an interest in our business or who care about the success of our business?

This will require a change in mindset. "The Emergence of the Relationship Economy" (Allen, Deragon, Orem & Smith) discusses the social web for business and why it is an inevitable  next wave.
"The Human Network cannot be ignored.  People connecting with people has been and always will be a dynamic force that has the power to change markets,   history, world events, business, religion, politics and economics to name but a few.  The explosive growth of the Relationship Economy is due to the continuing expansion of the Human Network.  To stay abreast of the curve requires continuing exposure and experience in social networks and realization that this industry - the social media industry - is life altering and will continue to impact business, government, and organizations."

"The social Web enables businesses to access a global reach of rich ideas and resources. Networks will fuel dramatic changes in business structures and dramatic changes in the idea of collaboration and sharing with unimaginable communities as sources of ideas. Given this access, all kinds of people can get involved in business challenges and “discover gold” from unimaginable sources—via sharing a bit of information."

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